Santeria is rooted in African magic and European Christianity transferred to Cuba by African slaves and their European masters. Artificially created, it camouflaged ancient rituals to look like Catholic church services. Today it’s impossible to imagine Santeria love spells without Christian accessories, psalms and prayers.     

To begin with, we’d like to tell you how to prepare stones for Santeria rituals. They don’t use dolls in Santeria like in voodoo or pictures like in European magic. The target is represented by a stone which you should find by yourself. The stone should feel good to touch, be round and not too big (like a small apple). Bring it home and put it over some piece of clothing belonging to the target. Also put the target’s jewelry, hair and other biomaterials, food leftovers and cigarette butts on it. Wrap everything up, wind a string around it, and don’t touch it for 10 days. Then take the stone out. It should be charged properly.

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